Speed guage

The speed gauge in Nage Libre: Seijaku no Suishin.

Time gauge

The speed gauge in Nage Libre:Rasen no Soukoku.

Character Gauge (キャラクターゲージ) is mechanic that appears in Nage Libre: Seijaku no Suishin and Nage Libre: Rasen no Soukoku. In the first Nage Libre the gauge most resembled the ATB system of early Final Fantasy games in looks and function. Once the gauge near a characters name filled up completely they could then act and move around the map,different terrain types affects how fast the gauge fills up. The gauge`s fill rate is also affected but the characters speed stat like for example Mai`s gauge would fill up more often and faster than the others due to her having the highest speed stat out of all five girls. In Nage Libre:Rasen no Soukoku the gauge does the same thing but with slight difference in both appearance and function. It`s appearance now did not resemble Final Fantasy`s ATB gauge`s while the function this time just used a characters speed stat alone to determine how fast it fills with terrain having no changes in speed this time.

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