Miki event portrait

Shizumoto Miki(静本美姫) is one of five playable characters from Nage Libre Seijaku no Suishin. She wears glasses and joins the team last. She is very smart and shy but she gets along well with her teamates. At times she is the main focus of the game such as, when she gets kidnapped after the player beats mission 14 and then she must be rescued on the next mission.

Character Stat Strong PointsEdit

Miki is kinda bad through most of the game her attack power is horrible so she will have trouble damageing her foe`s even one`s that have low Defence so it`s best to have lot`s of Special Card`s cards for her to use. Her HP is somewhat bad but even she has her strong points. She has the second highest defence out of the five so she can do well when a defence card is used. All in all she is not the best to use but comes in handy weakning enemies her defence is comparible to that of Ryoko`s defence.


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