Vital statistics
Game Nage Libre: Rasen no Soukoku
Starting Class Student
Joins In Mission 1
Starting HP 80
Level 1

Mio (みお) is a character from Nage Libre: Rasen no Soukoku. She is the counterpart to Miki and is very close friends with Ituki. Mio shares many traits with Miki such as both wearing glasses and both of them having similar stats with both Mio and Miki lacking in physical attack power but exceling at special based attacks.

Initial StatsEdit

  • Birth Stone:N/A
  • HP:80
  • Attack:32
  • Defense:16
  • Speed:10
  • MT:48

Character Strong PointsEdit

Mio suffers in that she is the worst character of the five playable characters of the party. No matter what class she is changed to she will always fall flat in any battle. She has the lowest Defense and Attack of everyone so it would be a waste to have her use Attack Card`s. However to make up for her lack of direct combat skills she excels in her MT stat she has a high growth for it so the use of item`s and Special Card`s is best for her, with her damage output with those kinds of cards being rivaled by only Makoto. Classes that rely on MT for their special abilities such as the Cook are well suited for her since the abilities will work better.


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