Misti event portrait

Misti(ミスティ) is a character from Nage Libre Seijaku no Suishin. He is the only male character in this game and he watches the girl`s progress and makes plans to stop them towards the end. He is very powerful and is very loyal to Nage. He is her strongest servant and is encountered in the Crystal Palace. After defeating him, Nage and her servants are left to fight without him.

Best Way To DefeatEdit

Misti is very powerful and he is the first boss in the game that will have ???HP. The best way to defeat him is by using either Yui or Ryoko battle him. Use any Defense Card that are given to your character as his attack is very high, and even then his massive attack will still break through. Another good character to use is Miki. Although she has the lowest attack, she can still be used to weaken him by doing small amounts of damage. A Defense Card should be used on her and use any Special Card you see as he takes a while to defeat him due to his high HP. He makes a return in the bonus stage where he is much stronger and is second in strength to Nage.


Normal StoryEdit

  • Birth Stone:Garnet
  • Level:43
  • HP:???
  • Attack:75
  • Defense:52
  • Speed:55
  • MT:30
  • Class:Boss

Bonus StageEdit

  • Birth Stone:Garnet
  • Level:49
  • HP:???
  • Attack:95
  • Defense:73
  • Speed:66
  • MT:42
  • Class:Boss



  • It can be noted that the sprite for Bosses look`s very similer to the cloths that Misti wears so it can be assumed that there look stems from him.
  • In battle he wears black cloths but in portraits and full body pictures Misti wears grey and red his battle sprite has him in the wrong colored cloths unlike with most other bosses where the pallet of their sprite matchs what color they wear.

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