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Nage Libre: Seijaku no Suishin(ナージュリーブル 〜静寂の水深〜) is a game that was released in Japan only for the Super Famicom console on February 24, 1995. It is a turn based card strategy RPG game with a gameplay style similar to Fire Emblem and Baten Kaitos which also uses cards to decide the outcome of the battles. There is also another title in this series for the PlayStation called Nage Libre Rasen no Soukoku. The soundtrack is composed by Yusuke Takahama and Michihiko Shichi.


Five nymphs stray off into a different world "Nage," and fight in order to return to their own world. The fighting technique is a card battle, and only the high school girl's lovely offense and defense develops. The attack changes depending on the kind of extracurricular activities selected when the stage begins.

Playable CharactersEdit


Like many other tactic games the player has a small team of characters to use and each rely on various stats in battle to survive also if they are defeated during battle then they are removed from the map. Unique features this game has is the ability to change your characters classes after every mission giving full freedom over your party set up and class. Battles are not fought with weapons instead it uses Cards,it is from these cards how everything in battle flows from defending to escaping to even changing the girls clothes. The game also uses something similar to the ATB system that is most commonly seen in games like Final Fantasy a time gauge determines who moves first once it fills up certain terrain also affects how fast it fills up. Another unique feature of the game is the level up system instead of experience points after a battle and level ups during combat they instead happen after a mission is done so it won`t matter who fights how many battles as everyone will gain a level regardless at the end even if that character had fallen during a mission.


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