Hello all:

I thank everyone who may happen upon this wiki and have made the wise choice to be an active and productive contributor this wiki. I am very happy this wiki has been created and more people are starting to take notice and credit those from the retro era of games, which have inspired the creation of great titles that we have today in the gaming industry. A revival is definitely in progress and with a lot of hard work, this and many other retro games can be remembered for their greatness.

Information in regards to this game is very hard to come by, but should you happen upon any images, text, or any other information related to this wiki, it would be greatly appreciated. VANDALISM willl not be tolerated and is strongly discouraged. The time and effort that is put into building ANY wiki should be respected and not degraded by those whom have nothing better to do with their time. The wiki community is a place to share common interest and to inspire each other to bring information to the forefront about topics that we are all passionate and knowledgeable about.

I look forward to working with others in building this wiki and maybe, who knows, in the future I can become a part of your wiki.

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