Yumika full
Vital statistics
Game Nage Libre: Seijaku no Suishin
Class Boss
Appears In Mission 2, Extra Stage
Health 47
Level 4
Birthstone Agate

Hazuki Yumika(葉月由美香) is a boss from Nage Libre: Seijaku no Suishin. She first appears on mission 2 as the player's first real challenge. She leads a small group of enemies that the player will have to defeat. Her personality type is pushy and bossy.

Best Way To DefeatEdit

Yumika is not that hard but should not be taken lightly as she can easily defeat both Ryoko and Yui. The best way to beat her is to attack her with both Ryoko and Yui and use any Defense Card that are in the player's deck because both of your characters have very low stats and can`t stand up to Yumika`s attacks. Ryoko does not have high Defense yet as her starting defense is the same as Yui`s and their stat are equal. Yumika also makes a return on the bonus stage and she too is a lot stronger. Use Ryoko or Ayaka to defeat her and use a Defense Card as her hits still pack a punch.


Normal StoryEdit

  • Birth Stone:Agate
  • Level:4
  • HP:47
  • Attack:15
  • Defence:13
  • Speed:10
  • MT:6
  • Class:Boss

Bonus StageEdit

  • Birth Stone:Agate
  • Level:32
  • HP:160
  • Attack:82
  • Defence:64
  • Speed:55
  • MT:27
  • Class:Boss



  • Despite having a whip Yumika is never seen using it in battle.

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